Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) Review


Cleaning your house is one of the house chores that are very important. Cleaning your home can be easy or challenging depending with the type of vacuum cleaner you are using. There are so many types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Different types of vacuum cleaners are used for different cleaning purposes. The stick vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners.

Product description

Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301)measures 11.2 x 9.8 x 31.5 inches and weighs 12.8 pounds. It is therefore a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner that can clean any type of surfaces including snips on floors as well as carpeted floors. If you are looking for a stick vacuum cleaner that can not only help you clean your kitchen but one that can help you clean your entire house including your carpeted living room, Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) is one of the stick vacuum cleaners that can serve that purpose.


Swivel steering

The Swivel steering provides you with the ease to control the vacuum cleaner and navigate around obstacles and furniture in the house.

Cleaning Wand

Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301)stick vacuum cleaner has a cleaning wand that has a quick release to make it easy to reach surfaces above the floor without straining.

Two Speed Brush Roll

This stick vacuum cleaner also has a two speed brush roll that makes it possible for you to deep clean carpets by removing embedded dirt and cleaning floors without carpets and rugs make from delicate fabric.


Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.8 x 31.5 inches

Product weight: 12.8 pounds

Origin: China


Item model number: HV301

Color: Orange


  • Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301)Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301)
  • This stick vacuum cleaner can be used to clean both bare floors and carpeted floors.
  • It is lightweight thus it is very portable and versatile.
  • The swivel steering feature present in the Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) stick vacuum cleaner makes it easier for you to navigate in the house and clean the house floor effectively.
  • It’s easy to empty the dust canister.
  • This stick vacuum cleaner has a long cord making easier for you to clean a large area of your floor without having to change another outlet.
  • It is corded thus it is always ready to use with no need to wait for recharging.
  • This stick vacuum cleaner comes with a car detailing kit that I frankly can’t wait to use but we’re still in the depths of winter so it will have to wait until the weather warms up.
  • It comes with three attachments that go directly on the handheld; a crevice tool, one with a brush on it, and a lint brush on it meant to pick up pet hair from the floor.


  • The top part of this stick vacuum cleaner is heavy thus it cannot stand up on its own.
  • The dirt receptacle is small and requires frequent emptying.


It is about two months since I purchased my Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) stick vacuum cleaner. I find this vacuum cleaner to be of great help to me when cleaning the house. Initially when purchasing this stick vacuum cleaner, I wanted a light weight vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floor of my kitchen but it turned out to be of great help not only in cleaning my hardwood floor but also for cleaning my carpeted floors.   I would highly recommend this stick vacuum cleaner to anyone who is looking for a light weight stick vacuum cleaner that can clean both bare floors and carpeted floors.